Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Tell me More with Less

Fine, the clock has just reached 05.00 am and I am still typing up my Brief Two for the Film & TV department; i.e. the film analysis of the 'Bin~Jip'.

I have a maximum of 200 words that I may use to effectively write down how this film has been constructed, technically from a filmmakers point of view.

Here is what I have produced:

"Bin-Jip" (= empty house) is a love story between a wife (Sun-Hwa), locked away in her home, and a wandering sole (Tae-Suk) who breaks into empty houses. The spectator gets pulled into their evolving love purely by their gestures as they hardly ever speak, but perfectly understand each other.
Kim Ki-Duk reveals Sun-Hwa’s rundown life through black & white modeling photos of her while Tae-Suk enters her house, followed by a glimpse of her with a bruised eye. The husband is portrayed as evil, leaving aggressive messages on the answering machine. His violence, which is repetitively shown through beatings with a golf club (Bin~Jip translates into 3-Iron too), is effectively used to contrast with the tenderness between the main characters.

The camera takes turns between the Point of View of Sun-Hwa and Tae-Suk as we see them photographing themselves in empty houses of fighting couples on holiday. This leads us further into their intimate relationship, hiding from the violent outside world.

Near the end, Tae-Suk moves out of frame totally, leaving his prison guard and us in wonderment if he really existed. Herewith Kim Ki-Duk leaves us with a wonderful dream of empty hearths awaiting a lover to rescue them.

Total: 200 words
Next, coffee and burning my DVD for the interview at 10.10 am today ;o)

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