Friday, March 10, 2006


More on Printmaking today, as we have progressed with carving into the wooden plates.

The following images show you my intermediary results, enjoy!

First prints!

I cut away the shape of the main minor in my first print.

Now I had a 'stencil' for use of masking off the black print on a new white paper.

Where the 'stencil' is put, there will be no black paint coming onto the paper.

See, the resulted print; no main minor.

Next, I have masked off the other minors to allow for the main minor to be printed on paper with a dark brown color.

Voila, a main minor in brown and the black background with the other two minors.

NOTE: the guy at the very right did need a pupil drawn in his eye, as I had lost the tiny wooden pupil from my wooden plate. The magic restored...


The weekend is devoted to my acceptance to the Second Year of the Art College... it might mean that the web log will be low on my list of priorities.

Not to worry, I'll catch up with you later and keep you informed!

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