Friday, March 03, 2006

Film Front

On your marks, set ..... GO !

Roadrunner.. as always closely followed by Mr. Coyote

Today the interview dates have been announced for my entry into the Second Year at ECA.


Tuesday 14th of March 2006 at 01.50 pm in Zoe Patterson's Office.

To bring:

Approximately 10 projects / pieces showing creative thinking, ideas, and drawing skills. Must include your graphic design work. maximum of 2 sketchbooks / idea books. Verbally prepared for questions such as: "Why should we pick you?"

1st Choice: FILM & TV

Wednesday 15th of March 2006 at 10.10 am in Noe Mendelle's Office.

To bring:

Be selective and prepare your portfolio appropriately, i.e. selection of best visual work which you feel represents your personality and creative abilities. If you have any short films, ideas for films or short scripts, bring a copy and be prepared to talk about them.

Regarding the 'competition', 5 First Year students will be interviewed for 12 seats available.
  1. Vicky R. - her 1st choice
  2. Reeve R. - his 1st choice
  3. Willem van H. - his 1st choice
  4. David M. - his 2nd choice
  5. Owen R. - his 2nd choice
However, another 150 students apply from outside of the College to enter straight into the Second Year. Of these normally a 50 make it to the interview too.

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