Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Land in Sight

With next week being my last week in Sculpture, I had to boost my life-vest made out of stone...

After the carving and the polishing with veils and sandpaper, I have rubbed 'wax' into the brittle stone's surface.

As you can see from underneath picture the part which has been waxed (right) is much darker than the part which has not yet been waxed. Also the contrast between the 'inflatable' part and the 'ribbons' on top is increased and therefore more interesting to the eye.

Click to enlarge: stone-carved life-vest with wax

Finally, I have found 'luxury chamois leather' car polishing towels, that I can use as seaweed.

Car-pride Chamois leather

These nicely structured, natural textiles are to be colorized by putting them in the pan with spinach for them to become more 'greenish' and I will pamper them in SEAWEED foaming facial scrub of the Body Shop.... mmmm, don't you love it to be seaweed?

Body Shop: Seaweed

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