Friday, June 01, 2007

The Problem with Pets

Yahoo... another child-friendly film is in the making!!!

The title: The Problem with Pets

And I will be Art Directing this wonderful story about MONICA, her tortoise SPEEDY and the bright orange LAWN MOWER..... ;o)

SPEEDY, the tortoise of MONICA

Excerpt from the script by Frances O'Neill:

"A picture perfect cottage sits in a beautiful garden surrounded by farmland. MONICA, a sweet looking girl of 7, wanders through deep grass taking photos with her polaroid camera. BARB, her impeccably turned out mother, is at the other side of the garden, she appears to be dusting the roses. SPEEDY, a pet tortoise, moves slowly through the long grass at the edge of the manicured lawn towards MONICA.

The peace of this idyllic scene is broken by the roar of a tractor lawn mower which moves ever closer. DR DICK, still dressed in his work suit is astride the bright orange lawn mower. MONICA raises her eyes to heaven and makes for the house. DR DICK waves to BARB as he drives by almost out of control. BARB smiles encouragingly and waves back to him, then turns back to her roses.

Speedy and Dr Dick are on a collision course.

Titles on black: THE PROBLEM WITH PETS."

We will be filming from Sunday 3rd of June upto and including Friday the 8th of June in a beautiful estate across the river Firth of Fourth, in the Scottish countryside.

Read about the Art Department and what we have in stock for our film crew to capture... a lot of pets, I promise.

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