Saturday, February 17, 2007

Connect the dots...

Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple Computers and Pixar Animation, and his commencement speech at Stanford is probably one of the most inspiring persons/stories in my life.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

The Attic

To take part in the Edinburgh Movie Production Society's - GOLDEN VIDEO AWARDS - election we had to come up with a story that would encompas the theme: mine.

As head of the THRILLER genre group within this society I came up with a story about a young woman, violin player and prize-winner of the prestigious Young Talent Award for the Music School in Bratislava (Slovakia). I guess I choose this city because the name is such a nice name...

The young woman, Cindy Logan, would have moved in to the Attic of a flat in Bratislava, appearantly. We find her whilst on the phone with her mom.

Cindy Logan, played by the lead actress

The at first warm and friendly surrounding in the Attic changes gradually into a macabre and cold thriller apt environment.

Things are getting colder...

With the right change of lighting and the relating soundtrack, mastered by our coolest Sound Designer from Greece - the TENSION, which defines a thriller movie, is noticable.

I will at some point publicize the short (5 mins) film here on my blog, but for now we are into the competition!

The Attic - a thriller movie created by me and my crew

Hopefully our Edinburgh audience and the jury will get the creeps out of our story and praise us with their judgement.

Something to keep ME up at night ;o)

== UPDATE: The Attic wins Golden Video Award for Best Cinematographic Film ==

Left-to-right: Gabriel (cinematographer), Rob (host), Willem (director), Vivian (sound recordist)

Yes! We have won the prestigious prize with our thriller movie at the Golden Video Awards.

And to include you in our joyfulness below you have the opportunity to watch The Attic for yourself.

CLICK TO PLAY: The Attic, an award winning movie