Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Nice... walking up to the College at 7.30am on last Wednesday. I'd be in early - not having slept at all before - to secure a computer onto which I could print my Film & TV portfolio work (storyboards, scripts, photo's of behind the scenes etc.).

I managed to be the first person in and succesfully brought my history in film onto A4 paper. If it weren't for the burning of a DVD...

All pleased with my package of discussion-food I had left the computers to meet Keith and hand him my 'Selling Myself' writing and Film Analysis (see previous day). Then I found out that I had only ten minutes left before the interview with Noe Mendelle but my DVD didn't have sound!

So... rush rush back to the computers and little after 10.10 am I was back with a PAL (previously NTSC) disc with sound. Unfortunate by my delay, I was happily surprised that Reeve, a fellow Film student, had still been chtting away in his interview. So my delay was compensated for ;o)

Yet, Noe kindly asked me into her Office and she fired a series of questions at me. Telling the highlights of my past 36 years on planet Earth was followed by her pencil noting sentences of interest down on paper. She showed interest and I felt the relaxation in my veins. She'd ask if I would not be too old voor the Industry, which I addressed as learning from new generations and relying on my experience. Also, she asked if she could keep hold onto the DVD's I had made for Transavia and my own film (One More Day in Paradise). Along with these two movies I have handed her the complete archived 'how to make film' by that same movie. She is a really kind and open person. Would be great to be working with her...

After twenty minutes I had spoken enough about my motivations and it was time to part. I met with my fellow-competitioners and we drank our first early morning coffee. Reeve has got a very beautiful and professional portfolio. David is a little bit in doubt if he really wants to do film, instead of sculpture, and Vicky lastly felt relaxed.

We have to wait and see until next Tuesday who is to stay. In the afternoon (as I am writing) our three briefs will be marked and returned. Will let you know. Now I am going to doze off for a wee bit and catch-up with my lack of sleep.



Keith Bowman granted me a 'C' (=GOOD) for the three briefs we had been given; the 30 sec. movie he liked the least.

It had been better if I had spent more time on it. I am more graphical than filmic. Although he had had that impression before in our first Film & TV block, he had done away with this judgement at the start of this block. But the feeling hadn't changed. The Film Analysis he applauded for it becoming better each and every submission as did my 'Selling Myself'. I am a hardworking guy, but perhaps not a filmer.

Anyway, his credits do not steer the decision of being asked into the Film & TV department; that is to be decided by Noe Mendelle... next Tuesday.

My say, I have learn an awful lot... never to be forgotten; Film is hard work and skillful analysis. That I have practiced and come to like.

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