Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Film Building Block

It is Wednesday, my day in the Film & TV department as usual and they have given me their comments.


Ad BRIEF ONE: movie of still images showing 'what Sunday means to me'

I have handed in my 30 seconds movie, it has been accepted as such, but.....

COMMENT: I have to expand the movie over 30 seconds to include more 'breathing space' in the thing and to include 7 days instead of 4 which i had now.

Good, but can be Better seems to be their slogan ;o)


Ad BRIEF TWO: Critical analysis of a film (max 200 words)

Also I have typed up underneath analysis of the movie Bin~Jip:

BIN~JIP (Kim Ki-duk, South Korea, 2004)

On opening we see a fragile sculpture of a woman in front of us as if targeted by our golf balls, by which Kim Ki-duk foreshadows repetitive domestic molest of a wife (Sun-hwa). She lives an empty life, hiding indoors, no dialogue, ambient light or sound. Our point of view changes to that of an observer, witnessing non-obstrusive break-and-entry of empty houses (i.e. Bin~Jip) by the therefore sympathetic main character (Tae-suk).

Conflict is introduced when he blocks the departing husband with his motorcycle. The camera follows the escape by the wife with the motorcyclist.

By taking photographs of themselves in front of residents' family pictures, they create an imaginary life. The camera's view-finder is always pointing to the audience effectively making us their participant, rather than an observer.

After their arrest, Tae-suk - and therefore Kim Ki-duk - shows his expertise in hiding, staying out of our view as that of the prison guard. This dance of the unseen climaxes at the point where the wife kisses her new found lover over the shoulder of her husband.

Reflections in mirrors, no spoken words and close-ups from behind of the wife urges us to seek. An illustrative example of film's believability.

COMMENT: I should find the Building Blocks by which this movie has been constructed. So, for example, if a climax is reached, what techniques did the director use to get to that climax. So, rewrite... again ;o0


Ad BRIEF THREE: selling yourself

... following soon ...

Wow, I am learning it the hard way...

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Doerak said...

Oh, what a dreadful way in reaching an good/acceptable result in the film/TV area!
They do keep you on the way to introduce and work out everything around. Good luck for the next try-out.