Sunday, March 05, 2006


I have discovered 'Revolution' with which I can start to make a computer game. Revolution is a magnificent development environment for multimedia applications, and the company that has made it is based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Right where I live momentarily. How lucky can one be!

Now that I have reached the game development stage, I'd like to show you my first window of the game 'Appearance', which I am about to build in the next couple of months. Erwin Vreeman has helped me in the early stages of conceptualization with his cartoonish images. He's a real professional at drawing and has a good feel for humor. Thank you Erwin!

Example of first game window

Appearance is all about our appearances, the way we look.

This game, that starts out from a dress room, guides the player through the world of clothing; what to wear.

A game assistant, your tailor, will help you find the right clothes, provided you tell him your eye color, hair color, and skin color. In addition you will have to face the mirror and a figurative image will be made of you. Next, the game will calculate by means of color analysis what clothes would fit you and what clothes would make you look bad.

The more handsome you choose to dress, the more you will be given by the jury in the end of the game, where you will have to walk the catwalk.

Fancy playing 'Appearance', stay tuned as I will share with you the complete development cycle of this innovative computer game!

Better get dressed...

NOTE: To build games on my Apple Mac computer I have decided to use Mac-friendly software that would deploy games cross-platform (Linux, Mac, Windows, Unix).

These are the software packages I will be using:

- Adobe Photoshop []; to create still images.
- Revolution []; to actually build the screens and navigation throughout the game.
- Apple Quicktime []; to make movie clips and sounds that bring the game experience to life.

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