Friday, March 24, 2006

Do You Believe in Magic

The Easter break ahead and no course work for the moment, I've searched for fellow-magicians within Edinburgh.

Edinburgh Magic Circle

Much to my liking I've found the Edinburgh Magic Circle (EMC), that promotes a lasting interest in magic and its allied arts. Its aim is to help improve every EMC members talent in magic and provide a sounding board for new ideas and innovation.

EMC are a group of friends with a shared passion for all things magical, ranging from full time professional magical entertainers to gifted amateurs, from close up magic to mentalism, and everything in-between.

As I have been an active Magician from childhood until today, I dared to ask EMC to consider me for membership.



In the meantime I am preparing my Workshop on Magic to be shown in The Netherlands on Saturday 8th of April 2006. The event organized by FunCare4Kids is meant to take 'kids' out of their family homes for a day. Their families all have a member, either parent, brother, or sister, who suffers from cancer. The 'kids' will learn how to perform a Magic trick and thus show their family their crafts afterwards.

The initiative to fly me over to do this workshop has come from my dear friend Hans Zijlstra, currently an organizer of KLM Management Class 27. KLM (i.e. Royal Dutch Airlines) arrange for my flight forth and back. Well done, Hans! And I enjoy broadening these youngster's imaginations.

Click to see my leaflet underneath (in Dutch):

Willem as Magician Tornaldo, teaching Magic without revealing the secrets


Doerak said...

You keep us "working" with you; is it not the colourchoice for logo then suddenly ther is Mr Tornaldo! What a different life going on in Edinburgh! Never a dull moment for you. Emma

WvanHeemstra said...

Rabbit keep coming out of my hat, that's true! have a rest if you like...but be back later to join us on the Web. Thanks for your kind comments, Willem.