Sunday, March 19, 2006

Make Your Mind Up

Hello and welcome back to Willem's Weblog!

It has been a while for me to break the radio silence, as I had to recover from a quite intense battle to sit a successful interview over the last few days.

What has helped me, and what will help me in the future, is... I used my Mind ;o)

You'd like to see how my mind is organized?

That's what one calls a 'Mind Map'; A visual diagram representing related ideas, concepts, or tasks in a hierarchical format.

MindMap - courtesy NovaMind

And this web log entry is going to explain in detail the benefit of using MindMaps!

Mind Mapping

Cool Features: Branch Proposal System

Mind Mapping and Screenwriting

NovaMind Screenwriting tm has enabled Scripts to be attached on any branch of the Mind Map to record all of your ideas - the character names, their dialogue, camera angles, scene settings and more! By simply clicking on the script button you can start typing straight away while NovaMind formats your text according to the industry standard.

"Everything interesting begins in the mind"

Mind Mapping and ProjectManagement

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Doerak said...

It is really getting a study in psychology! Try to find out what is in mind and what's right or better say seems to be the best coordination with planning your study and future in which kind of art it could be! Emma