Thursday, March 02, 2006

Grow Old

"What to become if you grow old?"

Isn't that what you are asked when you are still a youngster in primary school. Well, I can inform you, this same question is asked in the Art College for me to answer.

In a nutshell, I have been asked what I would like to be studying / practicing besides the Main Elective (which I hope will be Film & TV for me, or Graphic Design).

I have chosen (in order of preference, 1 being the most wanted) to be studying at the beginning of Term 3 (starting 18th of April 2006):

4-weeks of
1st) Photography
2nd) Digital Imaging

In addition, I have chosen to be studying at the end of Term 3 (ending 30th of June 2006):
4-weeks of
1st) Drawing for Design
2nd) Drawing for Sculpture

Also for these choices one has to be fighting for a seat, as there are more students than seats available.
Hopefully due to good marks in the 1st choices I stand a chance to get my electives.

After Term 3 my First Year at the College of Art will be completed and I will enjoy a Summer of sun and excitement ;o)

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Doerak said...

I hope you will succeed in your dreams of chosen art direction, but please don't feel bad if you should not be the "first" chosen in the full mass of people studying at the art college! Just remain yourself and work as usual; that way will sure lead to the best results!!