Tuesday, March 14, 2006

I Feel Graphic

Hurray, one interview passed and I feel graphic about it!

Results of the interviews are given on Tuesday 21st of March.

I have just returned from my 2nd choice interview ; Graphic Design.

They asked me all sorts of questions, like would you be disappointed if instead of Film & TV you would be 'left' with Graphic Design?

Of course, I would be disappointed. But not because I would be able to be a graphic designer.

Man, I've been designing all my life ;o)

Anyway, now I have to gear up for tomorrow's final interview with Film & TV.

Also my 'Selling Myself' script has yet again gone through a revision with Keith Bowman of the Film department. So much time and effort spent on getting to know my abilities and aptitudes; I have reached a higher stage of SELF-AWARENESS !

Here is the remake:

GOOD: I see my life as a series of challenging missions with ever-increasing levels of difficulty. Making it to the next level is what I am good at, since I can imagine and validate different solutions.

BETTER: Progressing to the next level is what I am good at, for I see my life as a series of challenges that I can use my imagination and creativity onto.

GOOD: From an early age on I have profitably worked for customers with a low budget. Although I am self-reliant, I enjoy overcoming a challenge as a group.

BETTER: From an early age on I have worked profitably for customers in retail and media. I am comfortable working by myself and adapting to team objectives.

GOOD: My critical and analytical skills are continuously improved through work experience and course assignments.

BETTER: By weighing up thoughts and examining perceptions in favour and against I come up with a fitting outcome to new assignments.

GOOD: I believe a better understanding of people will make us reach the previously unimaginable.

BETTER: I make an effort to accomplish that people are understood and motivated.

90 words

Stay with me tonight to burn the last bit of midnight oil and wake with me in the morning to Get Hired, Not Fired !

Thanks for all moral support.

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Doerak said...

Is there ever a relaxing moment?
Don't take it too serious although I unterstand the importance for your choice for the future, but there is more on earth than Film and TV! Your capacities are various in many other branches!
Take a rest and don't stay on every night!