Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Tumbling Flowers

I have been working on my plaster sculpture with the ice-skaters (which has been modified to tumbling flowers).

Fixing the plaster with diluted glue.

Paintbrushed to Green

Paintbrushed to Orange

--- As you might have noted, I have turned the original colors around to get a more dramatic effect at the stem...

Construction of stem from backend

Tumbling Flowers....

Ready for marking, so better bring this to class tomorrow.

I received a "B" for Photography!

The comment on my Public Toilet Photo Album has been the following:

"Don't know what happened to Willem's submission? he had been a valued member of the group, very individual approach to the brief, refreshingly bizarre. Was working well and heading for competent pass, please submit work Willem so that I can update this marksheet." - Iain Stewart, Teacher on Photography

--- I was late as always... but handed it in later on:

UPDATED 23rd Oct -
"Lovely book submitted by Willem, quite beautifully executed. Work well edited (still refreshingly quirky) and Willem showed much self-motivation in the core, an interesting piece, well done" - Iain Stewart, Teacher on Photography

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