Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Favorite Class under Severe Scrutinisation

Shivers ran through my wet and tired bones, while climbing the Royal Mile towards the College. Is it true, do people get exempted from the next block on Film & TV? Would I have flunk the class because of my absence from the group assignment?

Keith, our lecturer on Film & TV, made it very clear. What is handed in will be assessed and not showing up is held against you. The possibility of not being allowed to continue in Filmmaking is present. And my course of action made me feel a candidate for being thrown out...

Our group assignment on the Barbershop, with the pun of "Students, 1/3 Off", had been filmed in a 1-minute take, all edited in the camera. David had been the only group member present at the shooting, with two of his friends acting. Both Anne and myself did not show up. Anne because he (it's a boy) had fractured his spine in Sculpture class and myself because I was in Spain at that time.

"Oh, no", I continued to say to myself; "I can't fail Film & TV." They are the main reason for me being in the College. And this is the subject that is at the foundation of my new career.

Nervous and tired from lack of sleep, I sat with my fellow students in the waiting room for our marking interview. One after the other came out of the conversation with Keith and the Head of Film & TV. Each one of them with low grades (D or C), but... they passed the class.

The Sword of Damocles hanging above my admittance to Film & TV.

My defense was weak and I hadn't participated in the group film-shooting, because of ... Holidays. I uttered some excuses and promised improvement if they would just let me try again.

Bottom-line. I received a mark "D" for Film & TV.
Yet, I have passed the class... to return in next block!

Despite my self evaluation, the Members of Staff mentioned my 'highly professional means of presenting my work' and 'the missing part was a solid story-line'. If I would concentrate on writing my story-board for Film as a medium, I might improve on my mark. They trusted me that to be the case...

What a relief, and no I will not plan my Holidays the weekend before assessments!


Emma Staf said...

I do not understand how blogger exactly works becrause sometimes it goes right through and sometimes I am stopped because of not acceptance blogger. Nevertheless sometimes you read some reaction from my side.

Emma Staf said...

I just realised the horrible situation because of the filmactivities. Indeed, never take a holiday anymore during the active programmes. You are never too old to learn.