Saturday, November 05, 2005

Lighter Shades of Grey

We have been struggling with drawing and noted the importance of shades of grey in a drawing to add volume (see previous blog entry).

I have selected below picture of my younger brother, my nephew and sister-in-law at their wedding, to practise the use of shades, also known as 'toning'.

Married couple with ring attendant

For the purpose of simplicity, I will use only three different screentones (i.e. dotted tones):

Light grey screentone (10%)Mid grey screentone (30%)Dark grey screentone (50%)

First thing I am going to do is convert the photo to lineart. For the purpose of 'focus' I will turn each person in a different linecolor. This is the result:


1 comment:

Emma Staf said...

There is really a lot to learn for you as well as for us, but ...
we are not forced to do so. i just try to follow the lessons! E.S.