Sunday, November 27, 2005


Today I noticed we had a thief in our kitchen...

And what's more, I knew exactly who might have been it!

Since the last few weeks odd things have been going on in our student apartment.

Loud music and screaming, people bashing against the walls, dirty dishes in the kitchen, unknown 'guests' sleeping in the shared room, a guy half-naked opening up the door at 3 o'clock in the night to hear me ask if 'they' could lower the volume, him having a bottle of wine in his hand and staring at me with one blue-punched eye, telling me to f* off.

Dirty kitchen

She, screaming and swearing at the door, loud noises on the stairs, 'guys' I have stopped counting walking in our hall, and worse a fire-extinguisher set loose to foam the apartment, breaking the door...

I could go on, about her...

She doesn't care

The officials have been informed, she is presented already with a 400 Pound fine.
But no, that doesn't stop her... at all.

My flat mate cleaning

After the missing wine, spinach (Pop-eye?), and who knows what else.. today I discovered one of my spaghetti pre-packed meals to be emptied and the box left in the bin. Well, at least it was IN the bin this time.

I got worried, frustrated,

I wrote on the empty box "please, I'd like an explanation" and put it in front of her doors.. like the many dirty dishes before.

Then I remembered a worthy saying: 'Don't get mad, get even'.
So, I became inventive...

I had noticed that 'someone' had been drinking from my orange juice as well, obviously without my permission.
So that has become my MOUSETRAP:

And guess what, this one does not hold a slice of cheese... no, my orange juice is of a sweet, VERY SALTY, taste nowadays.

The trap has been set, see what I will catch... ;o)


On Monday following I found a handwritten note at my doorstep saying:

"Willem, I'm extremely sorry for the spaghetti, I told one of my friends to get food from my bit but he did not know what he was doing. I will buy you another one. It will never happen again. So sorry."

Apologies accepted...

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Doerak said...

Reality and/or fiction? Nevertheless a nice story!