Thursday, November 03, 2005

Snare or Snail

My personal project for Tapestry is all about the skill of weavery. I have related the wires which are the backbone of a weavery piece of work to the staff of musical notes.

That resulted in me trying to make a staff out of guitar strings...

But it turned out much more like a snail !

However, the slow pace of progress when weaving is somewhat reflected in a snail's movement forwards.

The guitar strings woven through a transparent plate tinkle nicely when touched.

I handed it in together with all other Tapestry work I have done up to now, for marking.

Note: Head is made out of a plastic kitchen glove

Octopus wrapped up underwater.
- Quest for Materials -

Chapel both in picture as in weaving.
- Translating Images to Tapestry -

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