Monday, November 07, 2005

Look... then look again

"Truth lies in the eye of the beholder."

If we really want so see truth, therefore, we have to learn to see... by looking again at the world around us. This is what our lecturer in today's new subject, Painting, tries to show us during a walk through the City of Edinburgh.

If you leave your eye-shells at home, feel free to join us on the walk through our visual surroundings.

Lecturer on Painting taking us for a walk to literally open up our eyes...


See the shop window?

Look again and see the opposite side of the street reflected in the window.


Once more, see this shop window?

Look again and see the buildings reflected in the window.


See these people?

Look again and see their shadows casted on the pavement.


See these buildings at the Royal Mile?

There is a shadow of the opposite building as well.


See the bar?

Look again and see the shadow of the bar in front.


Lastly, see anything? Expect anything to be seen?

Look again and see the outline of the little mouse.

We have come a far way from really looking at things...

Our purpose with Painting will be to capture composition (i.e. how does this part here relate to that part there) in an image (photo, real life, or painting/drawing).

This class is not about taking a picture, making a painting, having it graded. No, there does not have to be a product this time. The focus is on each of us analyzing and developing his/her own genuine vision. We are unique by the way we go about making art. Edinburgh College of Art will not teach us WHAT we are going to produce, instead it will teach us HOW we can produce the things we envision, individually. It is education upside-down !!!


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