Monday, November 14, 2005

Fun with Photos

A new start of the week... time for some FUN!

"What do you want to be when you grow up...?"




Back to work... arff

My Painting of the Upperground / Underground pictures I had taken in South Kensington Station is due...

I started by finding real leaves on the street (since it is Autumn) and mixed colors of paint to come as close as I could get to the color yellow.

Yellow of the leaf, the main character in the painting ;o)

Then I made a strip of yellow all across my grey background..

Followed by again mixing colors to come to the blue of the sky.

And then I tampon-ed it onto my painting; textures and structures remember...

I had secretly glued one real leaf to the yellow, used other leaves as paint brushes by printing the darker leaves on top of the yellow and blue bits,

... afterwards removing the glued on leaf... and introducing the red bar (with a highlight).

Next, bringing on the wooden frame...

Voila, the start of my painting of leaves behind bars

... to be continued next week

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Doerak said...

My compliments for the original
way in which you are getting around!!