Thursday, November 24, 2005


For all to know... Willem has started his own wee (='little') company !


Willem proudly presents

his moving image company



Mission Statement:

FOLIAGE has as its mission to question perceptions of individuals, and offer alternatives.


FOLIAGE is to become an economically self-providing company.
FOLIAGE is an asset to society.


FOLIAGE tries to achieve its mission through the use of moving images that rearrange the visual stimuli.


Well, after this ground-breaking announcement I will have to put my powers where my mouth is ;o)

Let me therefore introduce you to my FOLIAGE Studio.

First of all the animation department:

Animation Department

Next the recording room with the blue-screen facility:

Recording Room

The Manager

The company address is:


a moving image company

27/31 James Craig Walk
Room E Flat 08 Block 27
United Kingdom

As you might already have guessed, I will have to design my own FOLIAGE logo now...

So stay tuned, because the first animations are about to be drawn and recorded... for you to watch!

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