Wednesday, November 09, 2005

The Merry-Go-Round of ...

That's right, today is the start of our five week block on Animation.

Climbing the stairs of the old animation building at the Grassmarket, we received instructions by Zoe how to draw and show a basic animation consisting of 15 frames, start to finish.

(picture following)
Animation building

Our instructor, Zoe, with the Wheel of Animation

The Wheel of Animation was first used for an animation movie of the horse-running, composed of ten individual photos scanned from Eadward Muybridge's classic photographs: The Horse in Motion from 1878.



A nice stop-motion scenery was found on one of the students' desks:

Stop-motion scenery

Heads of stop-motion figures

After some 15 frames drawn on white strips of paper, rolled up in the Wheel to test, and then scanned into the computer:

... I ended the day with my first hand-made animation of a guy on a swing.

Guy on a swing

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Emma Staf said...

Well done your swing film swings!
Signed by Emma and your parents.