Friday, November 18, 2005

24 Hours to Lay my Egg

These last to days I have spent in the Workshop to finish my 'Guts' project.

I planned to build guts from plastics with clay and a special vacuum molder.

Vacuum molder.

The clay 'guts' on the plate are cover by a sheet of transparent plastics, then the machine will suck the sheet in the form of the clay.

Overview of clay and mold.

I used some textile nitted stuff to texturize the surface of the clay so as to make it more 'organic'... by rolling it onto the clay with the stick of the brush.

Texturizing the clay (sorry for the lack of detail)

My luck ran out when I had six more molds to make and a rack to put them in. Although the result is presented below, it has not had the time to become a quality piece.

Guts-radiator to keep Eggs (not shown) warm.

Hopefully, I will find time to finalize my piece of work and gain my 'Glory' ;o)


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