Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Edinburgh Movie Production Society (EMPS)

Oor Willie's Gaun Tae Hollywood
by Gerry Haughey

It’s amazing the insight that oor Willie’s gained,
Since he moved tae LA LA land.
Aw the answers tae Scotlands problems he solved,
Oan a day pass tae Disneyland.

He feels right at hame in the factory o dreams,
Wi his keen grasp o things hypothetic.
He can dream wi the best oor Willie can,
And can dae it withoot anaesthetic.

He knows aw the answers oor Willie does,
An his memory is simply amazing.
He’ll recite the Koran while he reads War and Peace,
(Well he will….. when he stops navel gazing).

He’s offered tae lecture the paratroops oan,
Jumping frae planes wi nae ‘chute.
He’ll master relativity while buttering his toast,
An push back the waves fur Canute.

Could oor Willie be King o the Scots noo?
Is it pairt o his long term agenda?
Could he rule, (wi a haun held remote control),
Frae his Fairyland hacienda?

When he stood in the Hall o Mirrors,
(Wi his equals he thought he’d converse).
But alas, he only got blinded,
By the starlight that shone frae his erse.



The news is I have been elected for the Committee of the Edinburgh Movie Production Society (EMPS) tonight.
After a fierceful competition I stood out by proclaiming that with bringing a Dutch film maker in, we would not have yet another Robocop (a very successful movie by Paul Verhoeven) but 'A Walk of Fame along Princes Street' (Edinburgh's main shopping street) and stickers with the EMPS logo on all public toilets!!!

That sort of got me the votes I needed to enter the established movie scene in Scotland ;o)



The Edinburgh Movie Production Society is a University of Edinburgh society for people who want to make films be they script writers, producers, make-up artists, cinematographers, editors, sound recordists, directors or anything related to the field of filmmaking.

EMPS was set up in the summer of 2004 after years of inactivity of other filmmaking societies of previous years in the University's history.

EMPS now has a firm footing in the student body and has a large following of enthusiastic filmmakers who produce their own projects as well as help others make their films or shoot events such as plays, club nights and talks...

It will be a lot of work, but most of all a lot of fun and a nice experience to learn the do's and don'ts in organizing Movie making sessions and getting 'our' productions on the big silver screen...


Part of which will be the movie of my group, planned to be recorded ('shot') this weekend!

"CLASS", a five minute story on video

The story is about a BANKER (John) who is in a rush, but is badly disappointed by both private and public transport. In his attempts to stay 'First Class' he humbly has to step down to NEDS ('beggars') in the street and a HIPPY GIRL ('Ronnie') to finally arrive at his destination.

What is even more staggering, I have to play the role of the BANKER.

Now, I have never acted before, let alone in a movie... so I have cold feet all the way up to my spine ;o)




Acting Without AGony (ABWAG) has come to my rescue with a web site that is like an acting manual using a database structure to communicate the feel, think, do technique, along with a resource of plenty of useful tips, helpful definitions and related terms of acting. It's all free to study and no sign-in is required.

"In order to control an audience you must first learn to master yourself."
- Tiny Ron, Actor


Feeling is where actor's talent lies.
Accomplish what the character wants with emotion.
Don't think logical on emotion.


The three basic questions are: who am I?, what do I feel? and what do I want? The character is asking these questions, not you.


Art of Acting is moving the audience, not the actor.
In character forget words, think objective.
Your objective is not just what you think, it's what you do. What the hell is going on?

I hope - no I will definitely practice the feel, think, and do techniques - to start a glamorous acting career !

Starting Saturday ;o)

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