Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Banking cross Borders

Me, the Professor of Back to the Future, the Captain of the Nautilus, or better yet a Senior Internet Infrastructure Consultant has had the nerves to first of all - listen to his older and wiser brother Gijs - and beyond that - decide to do all my banking stuff by computer...finally!

The perceptions I have of a Bank are:

- Trustee
- Adviser
- Treasurer
- Bookkeeper

All these roles, if you like, would sum up to a Bank advising me:

- Not to give up a full-time job with an International Company
- Not to sell my House in a weak Economy
- Yet to increase my Savings... until I am Old and ... Wise

However, a Bank turns out to be:

- Remote
- Risk-taking
- Advertising rather than Advising

My Bank has hidden itself under a Big Rock and is reluctant to show its face. The (inter)face is through a network of computers spanning the World. I am informed by a Silicone Bank Employee.

Silicone Bank Adviser... would you lent her your car?

And rather than calling me up and saying: "Willem, stop the artistic crap! Come and live in Lelystad and save for your kids tuition." They invite me to go Internet Banking.

It is Remote (your Adviser is asleep while I mind my Business), it is Risky ('what is this button for...') and involves Real Money, not Monopoly guys!

Disappointed as I may sound by this lack of Financial sense and mentoring, I have joint the Merry-Go-Round:

Translated from Dutch: Free lessons on how to do Internet Banking... free sounds good

Have to catch a plane to Spain tomorrow.
No worries, I am a Banker!

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Doerak said...

I put in my comments but something went wrong! Brother Gys has given good recommandation for private banking. It is so easy.
But ----- about selling the house in Amsterdam: don't wait too long!
Have a nice trip during the weekend!