Monday, October 24, 2005

Frozen on Monday

My teacher in Tapestry turns out to be a Production Designer! Loren Slater has been working on a film which is to be seen for the first time by an audience, in anticipation of the BAFTA Awards (i.e. the 'Oscars' for British Film & TV).

She has invited me to see the film "FROZEN" tonight.

Sometimes finding someone is worse then losing them.

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Synopsis of the film "Frozen" by Juliet McKoen:

Frozen, the first feature of award-winning director Juliet McKoen, is a film that lets the audience decide whether it’s a psychological thriller, a murder mystery or ghost story.

Set in the stark beauty of Morecambe Bay, north west England, Frozen is a story about unresolved loss and the inherent danger of hope turning into obsession.

In a performance of “unflinching immediacy”, Shirley Henderson (Intermission, Harry Potter, Bridget Jones) plays Kath, a woman still haunted by the mysterious disappearance of her sister Annie two years earlier. When she steals a security camera videotape from the police that captures Annie’s last moments, Kath believes she finds a mysterious image on it. As she retraces Annie’s last steps, she has recurring visions of Annie in an otherworldly landscape. Whilst Kath becomes convinced that her sister is trying to reach her, those around her become increasingly sceptical of her claims.

So has Kath really found a way to access the afterlife. Or is she losing her grip on reality? And what exactly did happen to Annie?

Frozen , a lyrical film about the impermanence of existence, examines the boundaries between perception and reality right up to its final climactic moments.

Loren Slater – Production Designer

After graduating from Edinburgh College of Art Loren Slater was Assistant Art Director on Juliet McKoen’s short film Mavis and the Mermaid. Since then she has worked on short films as Art Director and on her own photographic, film and installation projects.

“I was drawn to the film’s themes of reality and illusion, and spent a long time prior to the shoot discussing the film with Juliet and visiting Fleetwood. This was a great help to the challenge of making the recreated sets as naturalistic as possible, whilst still reflecting Kath’s state of mind in the colours and spaces. I am particularly happy with the CCTV images as we’ve managed to achieved something poignant which we spent much time discussing and imagining.”


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