Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Hands-on Sculpturing

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Demonstration by Natalie Taylor, lecturer on Sculpture.

Sample from demonstration.

Introduction to the Metal room, to wireframe our sculptures.

From Sketch to Concept
As we had visited the Botanic Garden last week to get inspired with an object to sculpture, we could bring with us our sketches of the flowers, trees, and the like to make a wireframe for them.

You may remember that I had encountered this beautiful flower, so that is what has become the basis of my concept.

Original flower image.

I first have tried to sketch the flower bit on Frisk (transparant foil used for airbrush) and out of it came this:

Sketch of the flower.

Then I quite liked the form of the leaves/crown of the flower, so I took it as a separate object... an ice-skater.

Flower turned into an ice-skater.

From that I think about having the ice-skaters jump from the flower into the wide open, with numbers as their facial expression and row count, like this tiny skater...

One more ice-skater to come out of the flower.

And then I set out to colorize the guy...

Added a little color to the skater.

... to be continued.

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