Tuesday, October 04, 2005

One Thing Outside of my Comfort Zone

I felt the rush through my veins, starting my first class of Art college today.

We had our schedule and it said Monday - Tapestry.

I did not know what was meant by tapestry, but Loren Slater (which translates to 'wood louse' in Scottish) our teachter on the subject soon explained.

Wood louse (Zo["o]l.)
(a) Any one of numerous species of terrestrial isopod
Crustacea belonging to Oniscus, Armadillo, and
related genera. See Sow bug, under Sow, and Pill
bug, under Pill.
(b) Any one of several species of small, wingless,
pseudoneuropterous insects of the family Psocid[ae],
which live in the crevices of walls and among old
books and papers. Some of the species are called also
book lice, and deathticks, or deathwatches.

I did my first weaving - in life !

=picture following=

More than just strings of cotton was used to experiment.

=picture following=

Afterwards we made filt, a substance made of brushed wool, layered cross-ways on top of each other and then made wet and rubbed to make the material stick.

=picture following=

Of course, we streched the borders of what one could stick inside the filt...

=picture following=

End of class. Relieved and exhausted ;o)

So, more on the floor....

I met with Aileen at the Scottish National portrait Gallery where she picked me up in her red Italian car. All dressed up and wearing my dancing shoes I looked smart, and so thought she.

The danceclass was eager for men to join, as always each round women had to sit on the benches to wait for a 'free' dancepartner. Perhaps you can imagine the laughter of me dancing with ladies that fit under my shoulders. I had to bent my knees erverytime the man was supposted to make the turn.

The negro dance instructor had all the right moves and talked us through at least five different dance poses at a speed that was difficult to follow. I did my very best... really!

Aileen was not part of the beginner's group so after one dance I ended up being subscribed to the class for the rest of my life I guess. Luckily the next thing we ended up doing was talking endlessly and drinking Martini's and Cola with brown Rum in the classical bar of the prestigious Dome nightclub.

The Dome (former Royal Bank of Scotland)

outgoing sms message - late
Dear raffish girl
Thanks for a wonderful night out.

Aileen mentioned that every day one should do One Thing outside of his comfort zone... I did three.

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