Thursday, October 13, 2005

Public Pictures
This is going to be a busy day, since we will have to get our photo's printed at the best quality possible. Our Photography class fitted in two darkrooms and we were taught the techniques of black & white photo printing.

Process of photo printing following soon...

And the nominees are....

Public Toilets by Willem van Heemstra ;o)

The first series I took at Neilson Park Public Toilets in Haddington, prize winner for the cleanest loo (=toilet) 2005.

Sue and Ann, Public Toilet Attendants

The second series I took at the Public Toilet (Gents !) near the Royal Mile in Edinburgh in contrast.

The day following we will mount the photo's to cardboard pages for our hand-made photo album, as proof of four days of hard work in Photography.

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Doerak said...

Ik ben benieuwd hoe het met die
fraaie en minder illustere toiletten is afgelopen.