Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Out and about

I woke up with the rum pouring from my ears it seemed. Sobering up under the relentless water massage of my own shower cabin, I felt well enough to eat breakfast and walk up (and down) to my class of Sculpture...

Gathering in the Mural Room in the Main Building of the College of Art we received information about our Sculpture assignment for the coming weeks. We started off by going to the Royal Botanic Gardens to make sketches.

Royal Botanic Gardens

The weather had again been lovely and inside of the Glasshouse the temperature was Mediterranian.

I did my first sketches in my A3 drawing book and collected species of the flowers and plants (only the ones that had fallen of the tree of course) that would be my models for Sculpture classes next week.

=pictures following=

I came across a multitude of interesting examples, among which the South Americain MacLeania Pentaptera:

Being visited by the Booted Racquet-tail hummingbird, Ocreatus underwoodii

Meet my Model

Stages of fruit maturation

Isn't she beautiful...!

(more at http://sciweb.nybg.org/science2/herbarium_imaging/specimen_explained.asp)

Afterwards Natalie Taylor, our teacher in Sculpture, recommended me the exhibition on Ian Hamilton Finley at the Inverleith House, nearby. So there I went..

Inverleith House at the Royal Botanic Garden

One interesting sentence by Ian Hamilton Finley I found was the following:

"The art of gardening is like the art of writing, of painting, of sculpture; it is the art of composing, and making a harmony, with disparate elements"

Another one, more witty:

"Mower is less"

Other sculpturers that were recommended to our class are:

Martin Puryear

Claes Oldenburg

David Nash

Peter Randall-Page

Tony Cragg

Louis Bourgeois

One more thing.... jipiejaheee!

I got all my three preferred subjects for Design & Visual Communication classes:

Term 1 - Film & TV (starting tomorrow)
Term 2 - Animation
Term 3 - Graphic Design

incoming sms message
Not bad for a Monday, was it? Have you been looking up words in yr dictionary? I shall take it as a compliment! Enjoy yr week.

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