Saturday, October 01, 2005

Woke up late

Today I woke up at 12.00pm due to the massive dancing experience and I admit a few drinks throughout the Fresher's Party with the live band called The Egg.

"Still the best mix of indie, 60s garage, northern soul, ska, 70s punk and new wave you're likely to stagger across. A well loved institution that refuses to change."

Their music was superb, lounge-like and supported by video projections of surfer boys and dancing ladies. In real life the same was going on. I met with Kosho and we had a large Cola (pints of beer are not his thing). So when we arrived at the party he walked up to the front and watched the bass guitar player (as he plays it himself), whereas I was in the back dancing around.

It seems now I got noticed by a group of students of which a girl by the name Aileen danced alongside. She got quite intimate and we exchanged references of contact (I did not have a telephone number at that time of myself).

With the promise that I would call her back today, I set out to register with Vodafone to get a pre-paid account. I can from now on be reached by telephone at +44 (0)7770 691974

Just now I have spoken with Aileen over the phone and she has invited me to join her at dance classes on Monday evening. Woowh.... what am I going to wear? Slick sneekers or leather dancing shoes..

I will go shopping (again) on Sunday, just to make sure that I will not make a fool of myself at Aileen's dancing night.

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Pianoman said...

cool dude! goed verhaal