Sunday, October 23, 2005

Newsflash ! The Da Vinci Code is being filmed in Edinburgh

May 18, 2005
The Da-Vinci Code teaser Trailer

The Da Vinci Code is now online with a new website and also a little teaser trailer

July 04, 2005
Tom Hanks in Da Vinci Code

Over at Coming Soon they have the first photos of Tom Hanks as Robert Langdon from the movie set of The Da Vinci Code.

July 27, 2005
The Da Vinci Code to film in Edinburgh

...and despite me living only a few miles away it looks like I'll get nowhere near it! According to many sources, I'll cite the BBC on this one, The Da Vinci Code is coming to Rosslyn Chapel, one of the main UK locations in the book. Rosslyn Chapel is steeped in history.

Rosslyn Chapel - Film location

When the Knights Templar were dropped as the Pope's army and hunted down by his troops, some of them escaped to Scotland. At that time Scotland was excommunicated from the Church and it seemed a safe, and close, place to go. The Templars allegedy took with them a secret which allowed them great power over the Church, some say it was the Holy Grail itself, and they took it with them to Scotland and hid it there, forming the Masons in the process.

Rosslyn is supposed to be one of the first places that the Templars settled in, and the Chapel is alleged to have secret chambers beneath it which have never been opened. It also features some amazing architecture, some of which depicts a journey to the new world (the Americas) well before Christopher Columbus. Rosslyn certainly does keep it's fair share of secrets...and this movie is one of them!

Trustees spokesman Stuart Beattie said: "The chapel has long been a popular destination for hundreds of years."..."There are many stories in Rosslyn's long history and I'm sure the chapel will make a superb backdrop for this particular one."...The chapel will close for the filming between 26 and 29 September...

It's a superb location, and certainly a great addition for the movie considering it's importance.

September 20, 2005
Da Vinci Code arrives in Edinburgh

Da Vinci Code Film Poster

Already the crews are setting up at Rosslyn Chapeljust outside Edinburgh for the filming on The Da Vinci Code. According to The Scotsman Tom Hanks has already been.

...he acclimatised himself to the stunning surroundings by watching the Robert Burns play Ae Fond Kiss at the medieval chapel last month before going for a walk in the nearby glen.

Woo...and no one has invited me on official capacity from the Movie Blog. I'm just a few miles away...Doesn't really matter, it sounds like the filming is under tight security. If I get any information you'll be the first to know!

September 26, 2005
Da Vinci Code starts filming in Edinburgh

Well just outside, but crews have been moving in and working for a few days now and the filming has begun today. The weather is very windy, slightly damp, overcast and threatening rain. How do I know? I live here. No link required.

They're filming for the next four days (or so) at Rosslyn Chapel, which is mentioned in the book. Still, at least they're using Rosslyn, and the money will help them with restorations. It's a very beautiful place (as is Edinburgh). My advice though is to go early in the day and make the most of your entrance fee.

Oh, and I won't start a rant about how all the real story of Da Vinci Code is almost indentical to the book The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail by Michael Baigent, Richard Leigh and Henry Lincoln published in 1982. Everyone, including the Church, has latched onto the Code and the hype, yet just about the entire back story of the Church and the Grail, etc is uncannily like this 1982 book.

Update: Just watched the Scottish news and they can't get anywhere near the filming either. The whole area is blocked off and the Chapel shut down for tourists. Looks like we'll be waiting to find out about it after the filming. Lot's of trucks around, stories from the local people annoyed about access (to what, the Chapel? It's not a through road!) and from a tourist who wanted to see the Chapel but can't, well stay around for a few days and you can. Oh, and the original Rosslyn Hotel talking about the crew popping in for dinner, yeah, colour me cynical, we won't see Hanks there, but the story is good for trade. So no news out of there I'm afraid.

The Da Vinci Code, the movie in a cinema near you
19 May 2006, worldwide

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