Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Plaster or disaster

With yesterday's vibes still in my legs, after a cheerful night of dancing, the FIRE ALARM woke me up at 7.34 am !

All dressed and rushed I hadn't reached the front door by the time the alarm was silenced... false alert ;o(

It rarely happens to me that I wake up more early than necessary, but this was an opportunity to prepare for today's class on Sculpture.

You may remember that I am planning on building a huge 'MacLeania Pentaptera' (i.e. a flower) from plaster. After I had built de wire frame, today I was going to put the plaster on.

But since I had some spare time at the computer I looked up some ripples which would fit with my from-flower-appearing-ice-skaters:


My ice-skater(s) would be 'dancing' on ice after they had popped out of the flower.

= I suddenly realize that there is a connection here; dancing, ice (see film Frozen), and flower (Botanic Garden) =

So here I am plastering...

And this is what has resulted from it... my plastered flower.

Next will be the ice-skaters!

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Doerak said...

Is this a selfmade photo or from one of the students? What a lot of various activities in a short period and what a result!