Saturday, February 04, 2006


I am at the completion of the project for Graphic Design at my art college. However, I still need to do a photo-shoot outdoors of the items that play a part in my solution to the project brief.


I will be traveling from Edinburgh centre to the Airport.
With me is my little suitcase called 'Soulmate'

Making a 'Soulmate' from place-mats, wool, label, and metal sponges (used as wheels).

The 'Soulmate' is particularly 'light' as the max. allowed weight of the contained soul is 21 grams.

The problem statement is: "People die"
My response to this statement is: "I Love Dying"
The Soulmate is there to make my 'last journey' a fun experience...

Courtesy Tower of Power: Soul with a capital S

Close-up of my Soulmate


Metal Sponges for use as wheels

Sideview of Soulmate on wheels

It still needs a handle to hold on to it while walking...

J. Daniel Pacey has taken the following highly-artistic-quality pictures, for which I am most grateful, covering the following:

1) Me and my little suitcase on the street

2) Me and my little suitcase in front of the entrance of the bus

4) A view of the Airport entrance: Check-in

5) Me inside the Airport toilet whilst my little suitcase stays in the hall; separation of body and soul.

6) My little soul/suitcase on the stairway (... to heaven)

Note: One only sees my feet (frog-view) besides the suitcase. I will be barefooted in the take, to stress the fact of my body separating from my soul (which is in the little suitcase, as you had guessed already).

The pictures will finally end up in my Last Day photo album, that goes with a slideshow at the presentation next Wednesday to complete the course and for evaluation.

... pictures of photo album following soon

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