Thursday, February 23, 2006

Can did Camera

A fresh start of yet another subject, taught to me at the College of Art; Video, an Introduction to the moving image.

After seeing some really good samples of videos made by others (including a beautiful opening of the series "Six feet under") our tutor Rob Page introduced us to video-making terms like:

ES - Estabishing Shot
WS - Wide Shot
MCU - medium Close Up
CU - Close Up
ECU - Extreme Close Up
CA - Cut Away
EXT - Exterior
INT - Interior

Next we were to play with a semi-professional camera (Canon XM1) and tripod (Manfrotto).

Canon XM1 worth ca 1600 GBP

Manfrotto Tripod worth ca 200 GBP

Presented with a blank High Definition video tape (miniDV) my group (Samantha Whyte, Malcolm Watts and Willem van Heemstra) imagined the following story to record:


This story is actually something taken from personal experience,
when I (Willem) had my interview at the College of Art,
presenting them with my portfolio of work.

A girl (Samantha) has her acceptance interview at an Art College
and is bringing her portfolio (read: bag with art work) along with her.
When she enters the waiting room she meets another interviewee,
a guy (Malcolm).

They wait for them to be called into the examining room.

Malcolm seems enthusiastic and is convinced of passing the test in the interview.
Sam is not sure at all, she is nervous. Malcolm is called inside by the interviewer (Willem).
Sam has to wait... and wait... and wait. Her patience is not under her control
and she starts fidging with her hair, biting her nails, watching her watch, moving her feet.

She then decides to move one seat closer to the office, where Malcolm had sat.
This gives her some reassurance. We as the audience hear her rethinking all the encouraging comments
she had received before going to the interview. Friends saying that she would surely pass
as her work was so nice and delicately painted.
She calms down.

Then Malcolm comes out of the office... devastated. His head down,
his mind set to leave the place as soon as possible.
The interviewer asks Sam to wait yet another five minutes before entering,
in the meantime she could drink her coffee.

Wrecked from nerves after seeing Malcolm fail the test she is trembling and shaking
... and so is her can of coffee.

The interviewer tries to catch her attention, but Sam is paralyzed.
She is shaking her can of coffee forcefully and just about when she is knocked on her shoulder,
her portfolio with all her work open on the chair,
she breaks the lid of the can ... WHOOOOOSHH.

A close-up of the can 'Do Not Shake'.

This can does exist and it has smudged me on more than one occassion.

Kenco, Cappio iced cappuccino

Read the warning on the back! DO NOT SHAKE

And this is what the manufacturer says about their product:

Kenco Ice Cappio is the perfect indulgent treat for your customers. It’s an exciting taste experience for the summer months as it is served straight from the chiller.

Kenco Ice Cappio is presented in a 200ml can using the world’s first ‘widget’ in a non-alcoholic drink. Your customers will love the distinctive ‘whoooooshhh’ sound on opening and the rich, creamy, coffee aroma which gets the senses tingling the moment the can is opened.

As the drink is poured and allowed to settle, two distinct layers are formed with a smooth velvety texture beneath a soft frothy top.

Source: Kraft Foods - Away from Home

The storyboard and shooting is due tomorrow... I got four cans, just in case ;o)

+++ Six Feet Under +++

watch it

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