Tuesday, February 28, 2006


Back to Sculpture, a second day on carving my Life vest from stone.

Look, here is the intermediate result...

Life vest in the make

I'd like to bring in an additional material that would go with the idea of a life vest. I am thinking about SEAWEED.

Seeing the life vest and the seaweed would - to my humble opinion - open up a world of imagination; what happened? where is the sailor? where is the ship? where is the beach, this life vest was found on? etc...

The important aspect though is that the seaweed would also have to be carved, not glued together. Therefore, I have to think of a material that lends itself to be carved / reduced to the shape of seaweed. The color might play an important part as does the texture. Got any ideas, oh dear Bloggers?

Courtesy www.fotografik.com

Seaweed, but what to make it of?

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