Monday, February 27, 2006


The jury at the Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) has judged again my performance and works from January 2006 onwards and has come to the following scores:


Block 3 of 4
SubjectWork (subset)CommentsGrade
Core Drawing for Sculpture, Arran RossBecause of previous lack of experience, this block has been difficult for Willem. It has been a very steep learning curve. He is an eager and aware student and also articulates what he is learning. The understanding is there but it is not yet materialising in an end result. It is considerable progress though. Especially in relation to the start. Well done for the perseverence.D = the work is of an ACCEPTABLE standard

Digital Imaging, Joanna Kane
Technically very well handled work, well controlled selections, layering and adjustments, and very methodical approach to learning. Exploring interesting ideas around repetition which have potential for future development. Some work perhaps a little constrained by working with Photoshop as an illustrative graphic tool, rather than a more flexible communicative or expressive medium.B = the work is of a HIGH standard
Graphic Design, Zoe Patterson / Colleen PughA quirky, imaginative project with many levels and mediums. Use of materials was funny yet well thought through. Willem set a high standard for himself, was engaging in class and a pleasure to teach. Well done.B = the work is of a HIGH standard

Tapestry, Loren Slater

During this project, Willem produced work that showed a high level of artistic development over the 5 days. He is committed and has a good level of creativity. He produced a very successful site-specific piece that was well made, interesting and well presented. He demonstrated excellent making skills and a high level of understanding of the subject.A = the work is of an EXCELLENT standard
Sculpture, Paul Carter
Showed a high level of commitment during the construction project and produced an interesting and well-executed sculpture. The choice to 'play out' an act of protection between a number of sculptures led to a positive quality of object-base performance which was inherently dynamic, especially due to the kinetic nature of many of the individual elements. The mixed-media elements were well chosen and well used with attention paid to their qualities, both aesthetic and functional. The final sculpture was 'alive' in a number of ways and the level of humanity was evident through the fact that it 'died' when the power ran out. Very good work.B = the work is of a HIGH standard

In addition I have had to hand-in my Choice-sheet of which two subjects I would like to study in the Second Year. It will be either (1) Film & TV or (2) Graphic Design for me. Animation has fallen back to (3)rd choice, as I found out it is very individualistic, less of a team activity.

My choice, King first, Queen second

Chances are I do NOT get into either of them, because of the vast number of students that apply and the limited number of available seats.

Then.... I would have to steer towards another College or University. Likely candidates are Glasgow School of Art or University of Dundee.


Doerak said...

How happy you will be! Just one item in the D-category but that will be better soon I suppose. An artist never is the top in all branches of art!
All the best for the next judgement!

WvanHeemstra said...

Thank you Emma, my favorite supporter!
The race is on and I have been declared a skillfull jockey. Now it is betting on the winning horse. And cover my back with alternative studying options. making money in the meantime wouldn't hurt. Have a potential intake soon with a B&B to do some IT work.