Sunday, February 12, 2006

Food for Thought

Continuing on the web site design for Chew Chew online food service (see ChewChew), here I will try to find appropriate colors to use in the design.

We had decided that ChewChew would like to relate in a 'formal' way to its customers, who would perceive ChewChew as 'warm', 'friendly', and 'modern'.

I have moved as close as possible towards the 'content' of the site; food.

Hence underneath chart that relates the color of food to patterns and textures.

ColorChart based on food

See the tiled / squared yellow and blue pattern on the left hand side of above chart? I kind of like that pattern as it reminds me of a table cloth on a dinner table. Let's use that pattern as the background of the web site ;o)

So, which colors fit well with 'orange', the main color prescribed by ChewChew? Look for the complementary colors of orange next.

Complementary colors of orange, in a table cloth like pattern

To deal with three colors (orange, violet, and green) seems a bit too colorful, so we rather choose for orange and the one in the middle; turquise / lightblue.

Background pattern

With the blue a bit de-saturated - to balance the colors and direct the eye to the middle of the page - and the ChewChew logo added, here is the first (blank!) page of the new web site design...

Dinner is ready!

Watch the online version of the web site.


Doerak said...

It is getting to be unbelievable!
Because of non having the Apple computer in service I made copies for your beloved parents. Emma

WvanHeemstra said...

I am sure my parents will like that. Thank you, Emma!