Thursday, February 02, 2006


Today we spent time on getting to grips with Digital Imaging, using a software package called Adobe Photoshop. What it (no, we) does is changing the look and feel of images; either photo's, drawings, or paintings.

Before the end of this two week course we have to complete 3 to 6 images that form a sequence, compiled from our own photo's, drawings, or paintings.

To my luck, I had taken loads of pictures of items in mass, or repeating patterns, when I spent time with Angelo Blokzijl in Malaga last year. These images I will use for this project.

Since my piece of work will be about 'repetition' I would like to have them in a range, from left to right, hopefully spanning over a meter in width. Also, I noticed that if one searches for items on the Internet, with the use of search engine Google, the number of pages of hits is visualized by repeating the 'oo' s of Google.

Say I have 16 pages of hits, Google at the bottom of the page changes to Goooooooooooooooogle!

By the way, here is a nice feature to personalize the Google page to YOUR name:

Type any text into the text box below and push the "Make" button.

Courtesy -

Sample »


Enfin, instead of using Google as a name, whilst using their font, I will write Gurgle instead.
Why? Because it is a verb that deals with repetition and it is therefore more suitable for my project.

To gurgle = To flow in a broken irregular current with a bubbling sound: water gurgling from a bottle.

A preview of the Gurgle piece is shown next:

Gurgle, where each 'u' will be replaced by a composition of my Malaga pictures.

For example, I have these pictures taken in Malaga transformed to 'u' shape.







In addition, I played around with repetition patterns of these two pictures:

Lacoste t-Shirts


The results...

Weekend - What to wear during the week and in the weekend

Endless balcony

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I just did not succeed in giving my comments on your travel with the suitcase! So I try to "act" on the former day(s). Art is such a special way of acting and living that it is a bit difficult to realise everything what's in the artist mind.