Wednesday, February 01, 2006

I Love Dying

Welcome all of you to Edinburgh College of Art - GRAPHIC DESIGN !

To put it bluntly, this is what we have to do:

Project brief - Graphic Design is Great
Over the five days your are with us we want you to create a piece of work that makes a difference for the better. Think about attitudes that need changing or someone who could do with a helping hand. Then think about how you could use graphic design to improve the situation.

The problem I identified as being the most interesting to find a solution for is:

"People Die ..."

The problem with that is that people experience death as a sad event and people are mourning the dead.

I have tried to turn this problem around, stating...

"I Love Dying"

And following are the designs for a photo album of my last day on Earth, celebrating my death that same day.

Cover of the 'Day of Dying' Photo album

First page, facing the problem on a plastic milk bottle while having breakfast.

First page continued, finding a 'hint' to get in contact with for transportation of my soul.

Second page, choosing a 'soul' destination... it is getting exciting now!

Third page, committing to the 'journey' to the After World.

Fourth page, Oh dear I have to pack ...

to be continued (and finished) next week...

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Doerak said...

This is a difficult subject, not to solve in a few words nor in drawing!
One has to realise all the effects on the several periods suspecting going to dy!