Friday, February 17, 2006

Positions and Possibilities

Today I had my Mid-Session Interview with Rebecca Halstead (Head of Design) and Stephen Hunter (Mentor).

It turns out they like my portfolio (i.e. all drawings, paintings, collages, etc) but recommended me to provide more sketches (surfaced on board) to show the 'process' of a drawing or painting coming to its fruition.

In addition, I should group my work pieces by subject area.

Overall, they congratulated me on my originality of ideas and professional approach in presenting these ideas. My (life) drawing still needs attention to get me into the 2nd year, though.

That said, Rebecca stressed the fact that the Film & TV Department are very reserved in taking in new students (last two years 1 student could come in!). Therefore, as a backup plan I am advised to look for alternative colleges/universities to study film.

Taking this fair comment and putting it into practice these are the 'schools' that provide Film courses in Scotland.


  • [I] - The University of Aberdeen

  • [II] - University of Dundee

  • [III] - Edinburgh College of Art

  • [IV] - University of Glasgow

  • [V] - UHI Millennium Institute

  • [VI] - Napier University, Edinburgh

  • [VII] - Queen Margaret University College, Edinburgh

  • [VIII] - University of St Andrews

  • [IX] - The University of Stirling

[Source: UCAS at]

And this is an overview of Scotland, land of the Brave ;o)


This needs some sinking-in and thinking-through IF I were to change school.

I do not hope so ...

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