Monday, January 23, 2006

Progress Report - Term One [Block 2]

The jury at the Edinburgh College of Art (ECA) has judged my performance and works from September 2005 onwards and has come to the following scores:


Block 2 of 2
SubjectWork (subset)CommentsGrade
Core Drawing for Design, Cathy Stafford
Card House
Willem has very interesting ideas and approaches his work in an intelligent and sophisticated manner. Willem understands that he needs to work on his drawings and practice his analytical drawing in order to communicate his ideas. Willem's ability to thoroughly explore his ideas and solve problems put him at the high end of a C.C = the work is of a GOOD standard

Animation, Rachel Everitt


Willem is a thoughtful student who is anxious to get his work right. He worked hard throughout the block producing some interesting ideas and shows potential and stamina to develop these further.B = the work is of a HIGH standard
Painting, Iain Patterson

Without any previous experience in painting, Willem has struggled in direction, interpretation and with the technical demands of his source material. However, in the limited time available he has been hardworking and responsive and progress has been made.No Grade Available = more work in progress
Sculpture, Natalie Taylor

clay head

cardboard head
Willem really worked at this project to gain not only control over the materials, but also to translate what he gradually came to see truthfully in front of him into three dimensions. I was really pleased with his portrait as he had struggled, but finally it had a great sense of mass and liveliness. The skull displayed similar strong forms and the cardboard, strictly following his own rules had a lovely open style whilst describing form well. A great group well done!B = the work is of a HIGH standard

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