Monday, January 09, 2006

Eye of the Storm

First lecture in the year 2006!

Today's Tapestry class, say weavery and all expressions of it...

The things they can weave, simply unlimited:

... et cetera

The brief for tapestry is that I am required to produce a piece of work which makes an INTERVENTION into a space in the ECA Grassmarket campus. Each student will have an alloted part of the site, which my tutor will discuss with me. Rather than a full blown site specific installation this is a small intervention into my chosen space.

And here is the space that has been claimed by me (on site of our Edinburgh College of Art, ECA).

Alloted space for Willem (the space which is fenced in, in the back)

With the Hurricane 'Katrina' over New Orleans (US) in my mind, I though about my space as The Eye of the Storm.

I have looked up the weather map of that particular storm and this is how it looked back in 2005:

Map of hurricane Katrina over New Orleans (US) in 2005 - perhaps the map is of 2000... instead

Then I found this arial map of Edinburgh on the Web.

And if you zoom in, I can find my home (push pin), the Edinburgh Castle, and... the Campus of ECA (in viewer).

Zoomed in to find campus, and thus my space.

Miami Museum of Science - How Do Hurricanes Work?
A hurricane is a powerful storm that measures several hundred miles in diameter. Hurricanes have two main parts. The first is the eye of the hurricane, which is a calm area in the center of the storm. Usually, the eye of a hurricane measures about 20 miles in diameter, and has very few clouds. The second part is the wall of clouds that surrounds the calm eye. This is where the hurricane's strongest winds and heaviest rain occur. Source:,212

Next I collected weavery material and will use a pre-constructed wooden frame to try and 'weave' the map of Edinburgh, where 'my' spot is at the heart of the storm.


I still have to think about a name for this odd Hurricane though... let's call her "Loren" (after my teacher in tapestry).

Loren "Hurricane" Slater, my teacher in Tapestry at ECA

As you will have figured out, I still have a lot of weaving to do ;o)

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