Monday, January 16, 2006

Eye Witnessing

In continuation on the outdoors Tapestry project, called "Eye of the Storm", here I discuss my preparations in detail.

First, while disappointed by the low quality arial pictures of Edinburgh on the Internet it so happened that I found a second-hand book on Edinburgh from the air in a nearby bookshop.

I gratefully tore the book apart... artists (!)

Areal photobook torn apart to do away with the centerfold of the pages.

Detail of our College at the point of the knife, needed to pinpoint my 'outdoors' work of art; The Eye of the Storm.

Next, I met with Keith (tutor at the Fashion department), who helped me to get the page printed onto the clean cushion I had bought.

Keith putting the iron-able A3 size print made from the page(s) of the photobook in place on the ironing machine.

Keith: "Temperature is 180 Degree Celsius"

Keith:"Time under Iron is 18 minutes"

Voila, a print of the areal view of our College on my cushion!

Continued my weavery of the frame, on which the cushion is to be fixed with 'hurricane markers'.

Blue for 'sea' woven on my frame.

[image coming soon]

Green for 'land' woven on my frame.

... to be continued soon

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