Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Image Composer

The Image Composer (iComposer for hip artists & designers alike) is a handy concept to discuss images, analyse their surface and structure, and - hopefully - build compositions not previously 'imagined' possible !

I will explain a little bit more about how to operate the iComposer...


Let's put it to practise.

I have an assignment for which I have to research the 'edge' between a material and a human being. I have discussed this in my previous Blog entry (Humaterial).

For this trial I will start with a 'material'; a circle.

A circle is an example of a Form. A Form can be found under 'Shape' in the iComposer.

The 'Shape' Art & Design Element is switched on to green on the iComposer to indicate that this is what we will be looking at.

So, next is a material (e.g. a circle) and a human (e.g. a face).

Now if we slide the Pattern differentiator a wee bit to the right (i.e. we introduce a pattern of a mouth and two eyes on the surface of the circle), what appears is something in-between Human and Material: a Humaterial !

You might not find this very exciting, but we have introduced a way of discovering the edge between Human and Material in a visual sense.

I've some more examples to show of these Humaterials:

Examples of Humaterials
Due to the Form and Pattern of this inflatable it reminds us of a Human hand.Due to the Form of this fruit it reminds us of Human genitals. [YOU ARE LOOKING AT A BANANA, MIND YOU ;O) ]Due to the Proximity (or closeness) of these fruits we attribute Human characteristics to them such as intimacy.

Yet another example of finding the edge between a Material (i.e. a bit of hatching or scribbling) and a Human finger(print) by emphasizing the Pattern of the Surface is shown next.

That's it for Today. Tomorrow we finally start painting Humaterials !!!

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