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3D in the Kitchen

December 5, 2005 - Student Wins National Award using Anim8or

Jamie Castle a former student at the Royal High School in Edinburgh won first prize in a national competition to find the best ‘3D environment’ created as part of the Advanced Higher Graphics course, offered by schools in Scotland.

"Jamie was competing with work produced in professional level software packages," reported Jim Black, his teacher. "Delegates to the TTA conference were surprised to learn that Jamie had used a piece of free software." See the Anim8or website at

There’s currently an item about it on the 'competitions' page of their web site.

His work titled 'Jungle Rocks' is shown here.

"Jungle Rocks"

Jamie made this kitchen scene for a high school class at Royal High in Edinburgh, Scotland. His drawing depicts a cereal box and a flamingo ‘mascot’ in a kitchen environment, created for an imaginary breakfast cereal ‘product launch’. The reflections have been faked by making the wall tiles partially transparent and adding additional models behind. The tiles have been produced by applying a bump map to the flat tile painting. The graphics on the box were done with the help of UV Mapper. Jamie created everything except the electric socket.

Jamie is but one student of Jim Black's computer graphics classes there. There are many other wonderful images and models on their web site. Check it out! And don't miss the "Environments" link. You might find a new favorite breakfast cereal there!

Visit the Class Page

In November 2005 Jamie was awarded first place in a national competition to find the best 3D computer generated 'environment' in Advanced Higher Graphics. The work was created in a freeware software programme called 'Anim8or', a 'surface' modeller.

The CDT Department received a copy of Autocad Inventor software, valued at £100-.

We also submitted Jamie's environment to the 'Anim8or' web site and Steven Glanville (the software engineer who wrote the software) has featured it in Gallery No. 14.

Jamie's 'bump mapped' tiles turned out particularly well. The tiles are in fact a flat 'painting' that gives the illusion of depth.

Co-Author: "Jamie Castle"

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