Tuesday, January 17, 2006

My Home is My Castle

Have I been silent on the Blog for quite a while I realize. Apologies to all of my readers!

It goes without saying that a lot of work has been under development and I am about to share my progress with you.

Tuning in on the Sculpture assignment on "Protect and Survive", here is the status:

First, I have thought through the forming of the (rechargeable) batteries. There would be a circle of them 'protecting' the inner part.

Concept of the sculpture assignment

How to make such big batteries and not - be lying - about what they are made of? I mean to say, the spectator will obviously see that if I make batteries by hand, they are not 'real' batteries. Therefore, the sculpture is unbelievable and fails in its attempt to 'amaze' !

Look at this, a translation of the word 'battery' (or actually 'spark') in French.

Bougie \Bou*gie"\, n. [F. bougie wax candle, bougie, fr. Bougie, Bugia, a town of North Africa, from which these candles were first imported into Europe.]

This has brought me to the idea of portraying the batteries as 'Candles'! Candles are so appropriate; they give energy, they become weaker over time (hence, survive) and the wires that are to stick out of them mimic their string of lighting rope.

Moreover, to underline their responsibility (i.e. to protect) I will melt de candle and mold it in the shape of a 'Castle'.

See next pictures taken from my Research & Development phase.

I found - after a long search within the non-beach community of Edinburgh - a Sand Bucket in the shape of a Castle. Well, a castle is of course a central theme in Edinburgh (burgh-> castle). In addition, I bought white candles at... Pound Savers!

Sand bucket and candle

In our shared kitchen I dared to melt the candle(s) on our electric heater - in a left-behind pan. Wouldn't want to poison myself ;o) By the way, don't do as I do! It can be quite dangerous.

Candle melting

Lastly, I had the bucket upside down in the sink (filled with water, to minimize the chance of the plastic melting) and inside the bucket was some olive oil to ease the release of the candle wax later on.

Me pouring the HOT candle wax in the Castle bucket. Slowly does it. Mind you, I layed a cage from our fridge on top of the bucket to keep it down in the sink.

Tadatata !! My first home-cooked Castle.

Cooled off castle, needed 2 candles to fill it up to the edge. Witnessed by two white fire ropes that were left in the pan.

And this is my new Home ;o)

Next I will include some 'electronics' within this home.. being rechargeable batteries.

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