Thursday, January 05, 2006

Playing with Keys

At the set-out of today's practise I am actually going to draw a Humaterial !

First, I will share with you what the drawing is about.

On my iComposer (see Image Composer) I have two images; one Material (a piano key) and a Human finger.

iComposer with Material (key) and Human (finger)

The BIG Question Mark is... what is the in-between of these two images; what is the Humaterial?

To find a satisfactory, no staggering (!), answer to this question we will investigate both images in turn, starting with the Material.

A piano key is a Solid (a 3 Dimensional object).

A Solid

To simplify our research I start with a box, instead of a piano key to look at its characteristics.
Side view
Top views
All different shadows

As you can see the drawings, pictures, and models (I created in Blender) look at different angles of a box. Notice how the shadow informs us how the box is positioned in relation to the light source. Color for now is not important, I concentrate on Shape.

Next is the Human finger...

Conveniently, the human finger is a Solid too. It has bones inside, that make it bend. It comes to mind that a piano key bends also...!

Finger with bones inside

Before daring to draw a finger, I looked at my own fingers through my iSight camera (in nightvision) and this is how they look:

Wooow.. not only do keys 'bend' like fingers, they also come in series!


Now I know what I will strive for. I will align the bending joint of the fingers to the keys and 'smooth' the transition from finger to key - from Human to Material.

... continued on my weblog entry Hands On.


Doerak said...

Is this all about you make at home or during lessons on the Academy? We can learn a lot of it and we see how things and items have been hidden in general views on objects. Emma

WvanHeemstra said...

It is all research and development, if such a thing exists in a field so charmed for its intuition and spontanity. I will present the 'sketches' to my Painting teacher to develop over the next 5 weeks. Preparation is everything. Thanks for your comment and enjoy!