Wednesday, August 16, 2006

We are Dare

We are Dare...

As I am writing this web log entry, our team is putting posters on the walls of our freshly created computer game SPACEPORT.

But first let me introduce myself..

Click to enlarge: SPACEPORT business card

In addition to you as a new Space station manager having to deal with your 'personnel' and 'guests', technology is helping you out too.

Fact is, you have a 'mobile office' to your disposal, that let's you manage your affaires.

SPACEPORT Mobile Office

This computer screen-spanning 'interface' has onboard 'CCTV', radio broadcasting, and the latest news. All to support you in operating the Space station. A manager's dream come true ;o)

So before we meet with the DareToBeDigital jury in 11 hours time from now, can I invite you for a little game....?

SPACEPORT, it's not just about making money...

1 comment:

Doerak said...

Well, well, did you all sleep at night or remained being active to pass the jury on a high level? Who knows ...........?
Good luck on the crusial date!