Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Sky Boxing Day

Sky Boxing Day

Yet another part of Game development... the outer world!

To have our Space station float in well... the sky, we had to design a starfield with planets (such as Earth) and build a box from them.

Sky box with space-like starfields

Next is to 'fold' this box around our Space station in the Game engine (called Ogre). So we can have a look out of the station's windows and see Earth.

Click to enlarge: View from the SPACEPORT lounge (left is the docking corridor, right is planet Earth)

And on a romatic evening at the Space station SPACEPORT, its inhabitants might be singing...

"I'm wishing on a star to follow where you are
I'm wishing on a dream to follow what it means
And I wish on all the rainbows that I see
I wish on all the people who really dream
And I'm wishing on tomorrow praying it will come
And I'm wishing on all the loving we've ever done"

- Lyrics by Rose Royce

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